Ronie and Michael

♥ Starting our family through adoption! ♥

We are Ronie & Michael in New York City.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We recognize the tremendous courage you have in considering adoption and know you have your child’s best interests at heart as you navigate this process. We are ready to give all of our love to a child and are very excited to one day become parents through adoption.

We are seeking to adopt a newborn through an independent adoption.

Call or text us at (917) 575-9284, or call toll-free at (800) 509-0877 to speak with us :)



Toll-free: (800) 509-0877
Call or text: (917) 575-9284




Our story

We met while rock climbing six years ago in beautiful Boulder, Colorado and fell in love. We spent our time together biking, hiking, and playing disc golf. We also love to snowboard, travel, and see live music. While on vacation in New York City, Michael proposed during our favorite song at a concert and we were married the next year at a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Colorado with all of our friends and family.

We always knew that we wanted to start a family and decided on adoption early in our marriage. (Ronie’s grandmother was adopted, too!) We love to ride bikes and walk through the city’s many neighborhoods, and we are excited to have a child share in our adventures. Our personalities are different than one another - Ronie is very much a dreamer while Michael is great at turning our dreams into reality - and this combination makes us a stronger team and will one day help us be great parents.

What we do for fun :)

We enjoy cooking healthy foods, eating pizza, listening to music, dancing and exploring the city. There is so much history here, and the buildings and architecture are amazing. We look forward to the adventures we will one day enjoy with our child. We imagine spending the days reading and playing, enjoying the city’s many parks and gardens, going to museums, and enjoying relaxing weekends.

Our home and community

We specifically chose New York as a place to start our family because of the cultural diversity and opportunity that the city offers us. We have a peaceful and loving home in a safe neighborhood next to a park and playgrounds for our little one to play. Many of our friends here have young children so they will always have friends.

We hope our child will be surrounded by inspiration and choose to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Our neighborhood has great schools so from their earliest days to adulthood, our child will have the opportunities to grow and learn.

Meet Ronie

Ronie loves to make healthy food and take care of those around her. She is very active, loves to run, bike and dance and has the kindest loving heart. She takes the best care of me and always puts the needs of our family first. Ronie is growing more and more engaged in our community and has been volunteering since we moved to the city, and her goal is to make it a better and healthier place for everyone who lives and spends time here.

Ronie is a professional health coach and helps others to feel their best through nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and meditation. Ronie’s schedule is very flexible, and she will be transitioning to a full-time, stay- at-home mom once a baby enters our lives.

~Written by Michael

Meet Michael

Michael is amazing. He is so gentle and loving, and he is very patient. He really loves life. He has a deep curiosity of how to make the world a better place and offers a great perspective on living life to the fullest by doing his best work and helping others. He likes history, world events, technology and sports (especially baseball and hockey), and he plays roller and street hockey. He is excited to play games with our child and teach him or her about the world. I am so excited to see him as a dad!

Michael is a website and app designer and has a great job with fun and supportive co-workers. His company views family as a priority, and he will have time off when the baby is born and the opportunity to work from home as our child grows.

~Written by Ronie

Our family

Our family and friends are all very supportive of our desire to start our family through adoption, as well as our openness to raising a child of another racial or ethnic background.

We are aunt and uncle to a wonderful baby niece in Chicago. We video chat with her every week and will travel to see her and our young cousins in Georgia and California often. We are looking forward to going to Disneyland with them and goofing around at the beach together building sand castles and swimming. We are so excited to see our kids grow up together and be close. Our child will have the opportunity to travel all over the US, and we would love to visit places like Paris, Australia, and Africa one day.

The future we envision for our child is full of opportunity, learning and love. We live healthy and fun lives, and our child will always be well taken care of. We thank you so much for reading more about us and hope that you will get in touch. Please text, call, or email us anytime. We are excited to get to know you and your dreams for the child that you are bringing into this world!